Healthy Benefits of Water

Our bodies consist of around 60% water and when we drink it, it helps us maintain body fluid balance. This is needed for maintaining our body temperature, transporting nutrients, generating saliva, having good circulation and absorbing and digesting food.

drops-of-water-578897_960_720Part of our brain called the pituitary gland, sends messages to our kidneys to tell them the amount of water they need to keep and excrete. When we are becoming dehydrated, our thirst mechanisms are triggered by our brain, and it is very important to respond to these signals by having a glass of mineral or filtered water or other hydrating drink.

One fantastic benefit of water is that it can help us control our calorie intake. This is because it not only makes us feel full, it is also an excellent substitute for beverages such as Coke, which are high in calories. Foods such as beans, oatmeal, soups made with broth, vegetables and fruit have a high water content and are also good for weight loss. This is because their high volume necessitates more chewing and the body absorbs them more slowly, helping us to feel full.

Another advantage is that water energizes our muscles. It is important to know that when our cells are unable to maintain a correct electrolyte and fluid balance, they shrivel up through dehydration and this culminates in tired muscles which do not function at an optimum capacity

Great looking skin is another big plus. This is because it comprises a lot of water and serves as a protector to stop us losing too much fluid. loss. Also, when our skin is dehydrated, it becomes wrinkly and dry, so that is another reason to keep up our water intake.

Water also helps to flush out waste and toxins from both inside and outside the cells. So if we are not drinking a sufficient amount, then we can suffer from a toxic build up.