Improving Your Well-Being With Great Breathing Techniques

When we learn how to breathe in a mindful way, it can make us think more clearly, energize us and calm us down. It is also very beneficial for many health problems from digestive disorders to panic attacks. Here are a few simple breathing exercises that everyone can do, any time, anywhere.

The Stimulating Breath

downloadThis technique is a rapid diaphragm movement which improves our alertness and raises our vital energy. All you have to do is close your mouth and then quickly inhale and exhale via your nose. As you breath in and out, make sure that each breath is the same length. Aim to do 3 cycles of in and out breaths cycling as fast as you can and then breathe normally. Keep to a maximum of 15 seconds of exercising this way. Once you get the hang of it, you should feel greatly invigorated and be aware of an effort from your abdomen, chest and diaphragm.

The Relaxing Breath

While sitting in a chair, move the end of your tongue so that it touches the tissues above the rear of your front teeth. Now, while keeping your tongue in that position, exhale fully via your mouth. This will create a type of whooshing sound. Then take in a deep breath with your mouth closed and your tongue still in that position, hold your breath for a few seconds and then open your mouth to exhale, again with your tongue in the same position. In this technique, you breathe in silently via your nose and make a noise on each exhale. You should also try to make your exhaling double the time of your inhaling. This technique works wonders for the nervous system as it is similar to a natural tranquilizer, so try to practice it at least two times a day.