Improving Your Wellbeing With Yoga

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and is now becoming more popular than ever. In this 21st century, technology is rapidly replacing nature and confining us to be locked in front of a computer for far too many hours in the day and this has consequences.

Kailash_Integral_YogaThis new way of life that our bodies were not designed for, has brought with it all kinds of health issues, not to mention bad posture, but the good news is that practicing yoga regularly can take away many of them and get us in top condition both mentally and physically.

Getting back to basics by doing yoga exercises either as a complete beginner, or as someone more proficient, has a myriad of benefits. It improves our flexibility and even if we are in an inflexible state to start with and we find it completely impossible to touch our toes or do a minor back bend, over a relatively short period of time, we can expect to feel a gradual loosening up and feel how wonderful and beneficial a flexible body really is.

One of the benefits of yoga that people start to notice, is that their pains and aches start to miraculously vanish. This is easily explained. For example, if our hips are tight, then we can experience knee strain as a result of incorrect alignment of the shinbones and thigh. And when our hamstrings are tight, it can result in lumbar spine flattening and resultant back pain. Furthermore, inflexibility in our connective tissue and muscles, can result in unattractive and uncomfortable poor posture.

Yoga builds up our muscle strength and this does not only give us a toned appealing look, it also protects us from back pain, arthritis, and various other adverse conditions. And very importantly, in the case of seniors, this muscular strength can help to guard against falls.