The Health Benefits of Meditation

Interest in the huge benefits of meditation have been brought to the fore by Hollywood celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow. This activity can be done by attending a class or from the comfort of your own home, anytime you have ten minutes or so to simply shut out the world and recharge your batteries. You can learn by looking at an online site, buying a book or DVD or watching a professional instructor on YouTube.

chakra-1063278_960_720Most of us could do with some stress reduction so that we feel happy and relaxed on a permanent basis. Furthermore, we know that it is a major contributor to all kinds of problems. Research has indicated that any condition which is made worse by stress can be helped by meditation and this is great news.

The benefits of just taking a short time out to switch off and meditate include: a reduction in muscle tension and tightness, improved brain waves, better breathing, lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, a stronger immune system, improved learning, a greater working memory, a better attention span, conscious perception and decreased metabolism.

In fact, many scientific studies have demonstrated the way in which meditation works by employing MRI scans. The latter have demonstrated elevated activity in the brain regions which control our heart rate and metabolism.

During a meditation session, exponents focus on their breath, ignore thoughts that may flow in and out of their mind and repeat a particular mantra (phrase or word). Meditation is not difficult, and is something which can be of great value to everyone, regardless of their age. Mediation takes practice, but everyone progresses at their own pace and every stage is beneficial.

Over time, exponents acquire the capacity to move into a meditative and highly relaxed state of mind very rapidly. You can either take time out once a day or meditate a few times throughout the day. Either way, you will see incredibly positive results.