Why should you feel the grass between your toes?

We all must know, deep down in our biology, the connection we feel to nature. Today an expatriate from the rocky, Mediterranean island Malta, working for GARBO.com gives us an insight into how difficult it is not to be around grass. So why is it so important to feel the grass between your toes? It is easy to forget sometimes that we, ourselves, actually come from mother nature, the earth birthed us and we will again return to it when we die. Animals of this world are still very well connected to mother nature and are astute in their own environments. The vikings believed that the only way you could truly learn an animals natural habits would be to actually befriend the creature until it saw you as no threat and so would be at its most natural. They had the theory that is still shared today that, even if the animal appears to be in it’s own habitat, if there is that feeling of observation it will not truly act in its natural way. Living In Malta and working with gambling in an office has pushed me further and further way from this natural connection I felt when in a much greener country. From a young age, I would wake in the morning and walk barefoot outside to feel the ground beneath my feet, to feel the dew of the grass swipe against my skin. To feel nature in its purest form and then allow yourself to lose yourself in the sounds of nature is to ground yourself. It is proven that taking moments like this to appreciate and re-connect with our true mother aids a healthier and happier life. The Japanese are following suit here by realising the importance of trees, they are now having set time allowances in Japanese schools forĀ  “tree bathing” – quiet contemplation in the presence of trees. It is definitely important to feel the grass between your toes, especially when working in igaming and if you want to remember what it is like to be a member of our beautiful planet.